Service Disclosure: Please be advised that altering a manufacturers device can or will void your warranty. Please check with the manufacturer of your device before performing any services or altering your device. Any physical damage or water damage will also automatically void your manufacturers warranty.

Water-Damaged Devices:

The term “water damage” includes but is not limited to water, soda, alcohol, sweat, and humidity. A simple repair such as a battery or new screen will appear to resolve the issue for a short period of time, but later, another issue related to the initial water damage (unrelated to the parts we installed and/or the labor we performed) will surface. We believe that water-damaged devices have a minimal chance of being repaired successfully for the long-term, please keep this in mind when authorizing us to do repairs on water-damaged devices. Devices that we evaluate that are found to have water damage may be returned to you with the same or possibly much less functionality than when first received. Please be cautious and avoid exposing your device to anything that could potentially cause your phone to result becoming a "water damaged" device.

Loss of Data:
We are in no way responsible for the loss of any music, videos, pictures, text messages, notes, contacts, calendars, settings, or any other data on your device. We strongly encourage you to backup your data before allowing anyone to perform any repairs on your device.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

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